War on Drugs

Commentary: Of the three presidential candidates, who would maximize the freedoms of individuals in America?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump both support for nationalistic and protectionist policies. Much of Biden’s “Bold Vision” on his website could have been taken from Trump’s vision for America — almost verbatim when it comes to Made in America, creating millions of American jobs, etc. Both Biden and Trump have been fear-mongering during their campaigns, while Jorgensen has been promoting her ideas.

Which of the three presidential candidates support ending the War on Drugs?

So, the conclusion on the War on Drugs is that Biden and Trump seem to talk from the same script, while Jorgensen is the presidential candidate looking to end the War on Drugs. This is just one issue of many, and while most American voters are not one-issue voters, it helps show the similarities with the Republican and Democratic candidates while stark difference with the Libertarian candidate.