Florida Amendment 3: A change to top-two open primaries

If passed, Amendment 3 would give Florida voters, regardless of political affiliation, one ballot with all the candidates for each public race listed and the top-two candidates with the most votes would advance to the general election. If passed, the new process would start with the 2024 primaries.

Another poll confirms Biden voters are voting against Trump rather than voting for Biden

The latest The Economist/YouGov poll of Biden supporters confirms prior polling that around 60 percent are voting to give Trump the boot rather than enthusiastically voting for Biden. According to the latest poll, only 41 percent of those expected to vote for Biden are voting for him, and 58 percent are voting against Trump. Meanwhile, the data flips for Trump supporters and this follows the trend in recent polling. 80 percent of those expected to vote for Trump in the general election are voting for him, and only 18 percent are voting against Biden.