Property Taxes

Florida Amendment 6: Deceased Veterans’ Spousal Property Tax Discount

Voters will decide whether to pass Florida’s Amendment 6, which would allow a homestead property tax discount to be transferred to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran. The discount would be in effect until the spouse remarries, sells, or otherwise disposes of the property. If the spouse sells the property and does not remarry, the spouse’s new primary residence may receive a homestead tax discount not exceeding the dollar amount from the most recent ad valorem tax roll.

Florida Amendment 5: Extends “Save Our Homes” from two to three years’ portability

Floridians’ property taxes are protected from rising over 3 percent in any year from the “Save Our Home” homesteading exemption. When one moves from one home to another, they have two years “portability” where they can keep that property tax protection and potentially keep their property taxes lower than their new neighbors. Under the proposed Florida Amendment 5, it would extend that portability time frame to three years instead of two.

Mitch Katz and John Brewer Talk Politics in New ‘Sunday Morning Coffee and Delray Beach Politics Live’ Video

A new Facebook group has emerged for local Delray Beach politicos called Delray Beach Politics. As many locals know, former Delray Beach City Commission member Mitch Katz and Delray Beach realtor and Socially Distanced Supper Club founder, John Brewer, have had several public arguments which have been entertaining for the public. So now they have gotten together to have a “semi-public” discussion on local politics.