Now is the time to build your immunity

The 64-year-old Shaklee Corporation has introduced its Triple Defense Boost product, which is scientifically designed to boost one’s immunity, naturally. The great-tasting berry-flavored powder mix is packed with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, plant-based adaptogens,¬†elderberry,¬†Yeast beta-glucan, Reishi mushroom, Panax ginseng,… Read More ›

Science on efficacy of face masks for viruses is mixed

So, taking all this data in, it is clear there is no consensus, regardless of what people are saying, it is more important to look at unbiased data, regarding the efficacy on masks regarding viruses and especially relating to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. To be frank, when I started this story a few days ago I had expected different results and was surprised, and disappointed, we do not have better data at this point.