Cancel Culture

One of Ayn Rand’s lesser-known works of fiction paints a disturbingly familiar picture of cancel culture

Recent legislators, activists, and education reformers have promised to lead us into a new world of equity. No longer will some groups have a different lifestyle from others. No longer will some groups have a different education from others. There will be reform or else, Hawk Newsome warns, “we will burn down this system and replace it.”

For a preview of these glories, we have only to open Ayn Rand’s Anthem. In this dystopian novella, collectivists achieve their ideal by burning cities and books, then implementing central planning. Now everyone is equal: equally poor, equally housed, equally limited in what they can say and do and think.

The Sierra Club is next to be affected by Cancel Culture warriors noting founder was racist

Muir felt black people were lazy “Sambos” and his feeling towards blacks was an open secret. None of his racist quotes made it onto the website’s ‘John Muir Quote of the Day.’ He made derogatory remarks about American Indians; however, over time, he took a liking to them based on their conservation and respect of their land.