Lyft and Uber have win in federal court over New York unemployment payouts to drivers

Jude DeArcy wrote in her judgment, “Defendants have no cognizable interest in failing to pay benefits to (For Hire Vehicles) claimants when due.

Mitch Katz and John Brewer Talk Politics in New ‘Sunday Morning Coffee and Delray Beach Politics Live’ Video

A new Facebook group has emerged for local Delray Beach politicos called Delray Beach Politics. As many locals know, former Delray Beach City Commission member Mitch Katz and Delray Beach realtor and Socially Distanced Supper Club founder, John Brewer, have had several public arguments which have been entertaining for the public. So now they have gotten together to have a “semi-public” discussion on local politics.

Covington teen Nicholas Sandmann settles $250 million lawsuit with Washington Post

Nicholas Sandmann, was made famous by the mainstream media, and now he may be more famous for getting a big pay day on his 2019 $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post, though it is unknown what Sandmann will receive under the settlement. An untold number of mainstream media outlets victimized Sandmann in January 2019 when he was approached by Native American activist Nathan Phillips on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial in the District of Columbia.

Which of the three presidential candidates support ending the War on Drugs?

So, the conclusion on the War on Drugs is that Biden and Trump seem to talk from the same script, while Jorgensen is the presidential candidate looking to end the War on Drugs. This is just one issue of many, and while most American voters are not one-issue voters, it helps show the similarities with the Republican and Democratic candidates while stark difference with the Libertarian candidate.