Biden says reports his administration will pay immigrants $450,000 are ‘garbage’

President Joe Biden

President Biden on Wednesday said, “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. But it’s not true.” Biden is referring to the Wall Street Journal article that the United States will pay $ 450,000 to migrant children and separated parents. The Wall Street Journal first reported last week that families separated from the immigration policies of then-President Donald Trump at the border may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in negotiations to resolve disputes between family lawyers and the Justice Department. According to this report, the government tried to resolve 940 complaints from such families, amounting to approximately $1 billion.

The Biden administration repeatedly considered this policy cruel and inhuman, promising that reunited families will still be divided. Michelle Brain, head of the Family Reunification Task Force, said earlier this month that the Biden administration could only reunite 52 of the over 1,000 separated families, a policy that has yet to be found. They will then give the reunited family a three-year probation period during which they can legally live and work in the United States, but do not provide citizenship opportunities. 

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