U.S. House District 20 primary winners to face Libertarian Mike ter Maat in January

Mike ter Maat, District 20 Congressional Candidate

With some vote-by-mail ballots still to be counted, Republican Jason Mariner has handily won. At press time, Democrats Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick and Dale Holness are too close to call and will trigger an automatic recount and potentially a run-off vote. The winner of the Democrat primary will face Mariner and Libertarian Mike ter Maat in the January 11, 2022, general special election to fill the seat. District 20 is holding a special election since Alcee Hastings passed away last year and voter turnout in Palm Beach County was 17 percent.

McCormick and Holness are within one percent of each other, which if that holds true later today after they counted all the votes, then that would trigger an automatic recount for only those two candidates and potentially a run-off vote. The winner will then run in the general special election being held on January 11, 2022. In addition to Mike ter Maat, there is Leonard Serratore and Jim Flynn running with no party affiliation, and Shelley Fain is the write-in candidate.

Candidate Websites:

Mike ter Maat

Jason Mariner

Leonard Serratore

Jim Flynn (no website found)

Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick

Dale Holness

Shelley Fain

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