Florida continues to do well with COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has devastated the economies of many states in the union and most countries across the globe. Yet, COVID has not had a larger death rate to the population than other diseases. While any death is tragic no matter the cause, the number of Floridians who have passed away because of COVID remains relatively small. Florida is arguably one of the most vulnerable states in the nation because of its large number of elderly who are more susceptible to death from COVID-19 than younger populations. The following numbers are only those we can get from government sources and those have been called into question as often being inflated causes of death because of COVID.

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An important point when reading articles or watching the news is we are often given the total numbers of COVID cases and deaths, which have happened over the course of about 22 months (almost two years). So, for this article and the numbers below, I have broken them down to being based on yearly averages. We count all diseases on a yearly basis and it is unclear why our government officials and much in the media choose to use total numbers when talking about COVID-19. Breaking the numbers down by year or even by month and season has been the traditional and more rational way to keep track of the severity of diseases affecting us humans.

For instance, according to USAFacts.org, Florida’s total deaths from COVID-19 have been .15% annually of the state’s 21,570,527 person population. Florida has had 58,933 deaths because of COVID and broken down by 22 months comes to about 2,678 deaths per month. Multiply that by 12 months in a year, the average number of annual deaths in Florida because of COVID is 32,145. This would be our third leading cause of death in Florida, distantly behind heart disease and cancer. While heart disease and cancer are not communicable diseases, the bulk of deaths for these diseases are preventable, as with COVID-19. Yet we have not shut down the economy because of heart disease or cancer, and in fact, the government has been complicit in approving of and promoting things that cause heart disease and cancer in Floridians.

Until we get a handle on the best ways to combat the virus, it may be a good idea to protect yourself with a boost to your immune system with healthy eating, supplementation, and exercise.

Fortunate for those who have contracted COVID and survived now have natural immunity, which will help them combat COVID-19 and many of its variants. Since COVID is a novel virus, we continue to collect more data that will help us determine how effective natural immunity and synthetic vaccines are in combatting the disease.

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