Should the unvaccinated pay more for health insurance?

There have been several polls asking the questions if those Americans not vaccinated should pay more for health insurance. Most of the polls show an even split of opinions, though when asked of those who have been vaccinated, it is a clear majority opinion of ‘yes’. The theory, of course, is that the unvaxxed among us will cost our healthcare system more so than those who have been vaccinated.

This is a decision most likely to come from health insurers and perhaps from the federal government. After all, the federal government’s Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) allows for smokers to be charged up to 50 percent more than non-smokers by health insurers. For instance, Florida smokers are charged 50 percent more while smokers in Colorado only pay 15 percent more than non-smokers.

If the unvaccinated were to be charged to help extra costs insurers may incur, then this would open the door wider for those who are obese, choose poor diets, do not exercise or consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol. After all, if it is fair to charge higher premiums for not getting vaccinated for COVID-19, then it would be fair to charge more for soda drinkers, processed meat eaters, etc. Heart disease and cancer account for far more deaths each month than COVID-19, so where are the supporters of higher premiums for regular fast food consumers?

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