Florida’s Dept of Health out with latest COVID-19 “situation report” – death to population remains under .2%

The Department of Health for the State of Florida has published its weekly COVID-19 Situation Report with its numbers through August 19, 2021. The numbers of new COVID-19 cases seem to have leveled off and we will see if that continues its plateau or declines as expected. According to the state government’s numbers, .192 percent of the Florida population has passed away because of COVID-19 over the last 1 1/2 years. Meanwhile, over the same time period, .318% of the state’s population has died of heart disease and .31% of the state population has died of cancer. Most heart disease and cancer deaths are preventable, which brings forth the question as to why there is such a major focus on COVID-19 when deaths from other preventable diseases are left in the shadows.

Some would answer that it is because COVID-19 is a transmittable disease, while cancer and heart disease are not, which would be correct. Yet, the government has been leading the charge to prevent COVID-19 infections and has been unsuccessfully regardless of the massive mandates, spending taxpayer money it does not have, and forcing businesses to close or heavily modify how they operate.

Why do they not do the same to help prevent the two leading causes of death? Because heavy government restrictions do not work. They did not work with COVID-19 and have been proven not to work with alcohol (a proven cause of cancer). It has been proven that processed meats cause cancer, yet there have been no Draconian actions taken against our local delis. Restaurants may serve unhealthy foods laden with salt (known causation of heart disease), yet politicians are quick to kill the restaurant industry with bizarre and non-science-based restrictions to prevent COVID-19.

If politicians were truly interested in saving lives and following the science, they would propose bans on fried foods, alcohol, excessive salt, sugar, etc. The reason that doesn’t happen is that we would laugh them out of office even though the science would back them and such actions would never work because it would create a black market in those items. We would hear from politicians and science experts that besides getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the population may want to take other healthy actions to boost their immune systems to live a healthier life. Leaders have squandered this opportunity to help get Americans to adopt healthier habits, which would reduce our collective healthcare costs in the future.

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