Most Americans want to end the “War on Drugs” but Biden ain’t budging

A new poll out this month adds to mounting evidence proven by previous polls that American citizens do not believe the “War on Drugs” has been successful and want a fresh approach on the federal level to local governments. President Biden has been a longtime stalwart supporting the “War on Drugs” enhancing penalties for simple possession and forcing low-level drug dealers into long-term prison sentences. While the Democrats and Republicans have been working to put people in cages for selling and using a plant, the Libertarian Party is the largest of political parties to be against such actions and now the American people have learned Libertarians were right all along.

During a time when 83 percent of Americans say the “War on Drugs” has failed, Biden and his VP, Kamala Harris still want it continued. Biden has proposed Rahul Gupta to be America’s next drug Czar.

As the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “War on Drugs” approaches, the vast majority of American voters believe the policy has been a failure. Most voters believe that current drug policies have made the problem of drug use and addiction worse and only overcrowded the nation’s jails; as a result, nearly two-thirds of the country believes we need a fresh approach based in public health, not law enforcement. There are few issues where the nation’s laws so misrepresent the preferences of the American people.

Biden and previous administration drug policies have not only failed to achieve their goals, but in many have clearly made the problem worse. Two-thirds (67%) of Americans agree that the War on Drugs has “overcrowded our prison systems, drained resources and diverted needed funding from more effective programs like rehabilitation and treatment”; 57% agree that “it has worsened the problems of addiction and problematic drug use in the US;” and 73% agree that “the War on Drugs has not made America safer or healthier.” Only 27% agree that “the War on Drugs has successfully decreased the problems of addiction and problematic drug use in the U.S.”, while 69% disagree.

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