Florida public schools soon to change the way civics are taught

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Though nothing has been set in stone yet, there are many proposed changes coming forth in what students are taught in Florida’s public school system. Some changes may be loved by some and hated by others. You can find here a full list of proposed changes.

For example, instead of the United States being referred to as a democracy, it would be referred to as its correct form as a constitutional republic. The United States is not a democracy, despite many public assertions that it is; it is in fact a constitutional republic. Also, there is a call to explain advantages of capitalism and free market over socialism and communism. As well, it could make an emphasis on the Federalist papers in classrooms besides teaching students will recognize Judeo-Christian principles of law and government in primary sources (e.g., rule of law, God-given rights, equality of mankind, limited government, separation of powers, consent of the governed).

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