Ten have filed to be Florida’s next governor

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

There has been much talk recently of Val Demings, Nikki Fried, and Charlie Crist running up against Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida next year, yet only Crist has officially filed with the Florida Division of Elections office to run in the 2022 gubernatorial race. Seven Democrats, one Republican, and two with no party affiliation (NPA) have filed for next year’s election to be Florida’s next governor. Qualification to be on the primary and general election ballots will happen in June, 13 through 17, 2022; so some candidates who have filed may not make it through the qualification period. As well, others can file and qualify up to June 17, 2022.

John Mercadante has run against DeSantis in 2018 in the primary receiving .7 percent of the primary vote, and is back again running as the sole Republican in 2022. Unfortunately, we could not find a campaign website for Mercadante, though his personal Facebook page has many photos of him with prominent Republicans, including DeSantis.

Running NPA, are Frank Hughes, Jr. and Kyle C.Gibson. Hughes is a collectivist who wants to “stop the purge of public funds being used for private education.” Gibson has been a Democrat and a Republican, though has been NPA for the last four years. Gibson wants to expand Florida’s government-run education system with more programs, while making Floridians healthier by encouraging an increase in bicycling.

Seven Democrats have filed to run, Charlie Crist, Richard Dembinsky, David Freeman, Jonathan Karns, Amaro Lionheart, Alexander Lundmark, and Timothy Mosley. Mosley nor Lionheart listed a campaign website with their filing paperwork and may cover them soon once we learn more about their campaigns.

Lundmark is focussing on criminal justice and pension reforms for the state while also being a cryptocurrency advocate.

Karns is big on generalities and little on details for what his administration would do outside of a desire to raise the minimum wage which is already set to be $15 per hour in 2026.

Freeman’s campaign website is not up and running yet; however, through his campaign Twitter account, he advocates for “economic fairness” and last month tweeted “Newsflash! Not all #democrats are against the #police#usa#family#religion#military and #capitalism Let’s fight for the #real#dems Our party is being highjacked and no one is noticing! @cnn@msnbc@politico@steveschale@ABC.”

Dembinsky, according to this campaign website, is upset the current governor hasn’t changed out a power pole at a local high school. The only vision he has offered for his 2022 campaign is from 2006 where his website directs you to other websites which are outdated and incomplete..

Crist’s campaign website is up and is uninformative where it is only seeking your money and volunteers. Crist has a long history in Florida and changes positions and policial parties based on what is the best avenue for him to get elected which has worked well for him (he is currently Florida District 13’s U.S. House Rep).

Although it is surprising an incumbent governor would not have filed campaign paperwork by now to run again, it widely thought DeSantis to be considering a 2024 presidential bid. It is speculation why he has not yet filed to run again to continue being Florida’s governor after the 2022 general election as he is popular in the state.

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