Taxpayers on the hook for new Delray Beach EV charging station electricity, contrary to them being told it is “free”

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Yesterday, May 18,2021, the City of Delray announced it was offering 10 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations where residents could charge up for free. But that word free is a bit of a misnomer as taxpayers are on the hook for the electricity to charge these high end vehicles.

The city government thought it was a good idea for taxpayers to subsidize the electricity used to charge up vehicles belonging to wealthy EV owners who could afford the 52 percent premium they are paying to buy the electric cars. The average cost of an EV today is around $55,600 compared to $36,600 for a gas or diesel car, according to Car and Driver Magazine. Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia said, “I am proud of Delray Beach’s commitment to real-world solutions, like free EV charging stations, which will better the lives of our residents and mitigate the environmental challenges ahead.”

FPL is paying for the charging and installation of the 10 new EV charging stations and will be paid back via the taxpayers through the electricity used to charge the electric vehicles.

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