Marco Rubio’s Red Flag bill is a dangerous attack on the Second Amendment

In the fog of all the wild attempts by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) House and the Biden administration to destroy the Second Amendment, the U.S. Senate may soon push forward a so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation bill. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is the lead sponsor of S. 292, which motivates states to pass Red Flag gun confiscation legislation in exchange for federal cash. Early cosponsors of the bill include Senators Rick Scott (R-FL), Angus King (I-ME), and Jack Reed (D-RI), making S. 292 a bi-partisan threat.

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This bill has a good chance to pass and end up on President Biden’s desk, especially since the president called for this very legislation in a recent executive order and some “conservative” Republicans are supportive of the measure, including the two U.S. Senators from Florida.

S.292 would put law-abiding gun owners in the position to have their home raided and guns seized by law enforcement with no warning and no crime committed.

S.292 gives major cash incentives to states who implement these dangerous laws.

This is yet another attempt by D.C. gun grabbers to manipulate states into selling out their citizens and the Bill of Rights.

There is a petition being circulated to stop Sen. Marco Rubio’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill.

Senator Rubio isn’t the only Republican willing to sell out the Second Amendment for cheap political points with the press and the gun rights compromise lobby — that’s what makes this bill the biggest threat to the Second Amendment so far this session.

When he introduced the same legislation two years ago, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) locked arms with Rubio and his gun confiscation plan, which the left clearly supports.

“I really can’t see a reason we can’t pursue this . . . we can make a stew here that works!”
-Sen. Lindsey Graham

Under so-called “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders, gun owners could be stripped of their Second Amendment rights through secret court proceedings where only your accuser is present.

If a judge is convinced that you’re a “significant danger” to someone, including yourself, they could effectively revoke your Second Amendment freedoms.

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