Elon Musk warns of population collapse: ‘You do not want the youth effectively enslaved to take care of the elderly’

Innovator Elon Musk reiterated his warning that the world is likely to suffer a population collapse in 20-30 years and the effects could be dramatic for the United States. This is not a new warning he has declared as he has been sounding the alarm for the last few years. This is opposite the opinion of some who fear overpopulation.

On April 22, 2021, Musk interviewed with Peter Diamandis on the $100 million XPRIZE carbon removal project and out of that long form interview, Musk shared his concerns besides issues of CO2 affecting the planet. During the interview, Musk said, “Earth is going to face a massive population collapse over the next 20-30 years -massive. The birth rate is very low.” He continued, “You know the birth rate last year, it takes like 20 years for a person to grow up, so we know what the adult population will be 20 years from now. It is far bigger than people realize. And the social support networks were not set up to support a high ratio of retirees-to-workers. You do not want the youth effectively enslaved to take care of the elderly, which is set to happen when you have an upside down pyramid.”

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