Congressional earmarks may be rearing their ugly head once again

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Democrats and many Republicans in Congress have agreed to restore corrupt, costly, and inequitable Congressional earmarks.

Earmarks are the most wasteful practice in Congressional history. They have resulted in members of Congress squandering $392.5 billion in taxpayer funds since 1991 on pork-barrel projects like Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere,” Iowa’s indoor tropical rain forest, and North Carolina’s teapot museum.

The restoration of earmarks will lead to an avalanche of pet projects and cause federal spending to explode, because someone can legally bribe members of Congress with a few million dollars in earmarks in exchange for voting in favor of big, bloated spending bills.

Earmarks reward the privileged few—congressional appropriators, special interests, and lobbyists—at the expense of taxpayers. They are exactly the type of “swampy” business as usual in our nation’s capital that Americans roundly reject.

After Democrats took control of the White House and Congress in January, prominent Congressional Democrats—and even many Republicans—called for the restoration of earmarks, which had been subject to a moratorium since 2011. Shockingly, after the Democrats agreed to bring them back, the House Republican Conference supported their return. But Senate Republicans refused to go along, and they are the last group standing against this wasteful practice.

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