Boca Raton Police to be out in force to quash the fun of The Boca Bash

March 22, 2020 / Lake Boca / Photo Credit: Karl Dickey

Although there is little the Boca Raton Police can do once boaters are out on Lake Boca, they are going to work to limit the number of people out on the lake this Sunday to enjoy a day of sun & fun on the water. The Boca Bash has been a long tradition in Boca Raton, where hundreds of boats and thousands of party-goers join together on the Lake Boca to have a good time. The event was co-founded by fellow Boca Raton Academy alumnus, Brad Geisen.

Well, last year, before the 2020 Boca Bash, a bunch of “Karens” got together and complained boats on the lake were not social distancing properly; so this year, the police feel the need to do what little they can to limit the fun this year. Technically, The Boca Bash was cancelled last year as the City of Boca Raton issued an emergency order not allowing boats to anchor in Lake Boca. Under the State of Florida’s purview, the waterways are now open this weekend and The Boca Bash is on.

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