National Libertarian Party and Florida Libertarian Party make statements on the potential for vaccine passports

Libertarians are coming out strongly against mask mandates and being pro active against the idea of vaccine passports to travel. Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County came out strongly encouraging its county government to end its mask mandate, not because the State of Florida does not have a mask mandate, but because of the many legitimate scientific studies published at the CDC and NIH, noting their relative ineffectiveness in the real world. Now the national Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Florida are pre-empting any notion of the federal or state governments imposing a “vaccine passport.” Most of the controversy seems to be centered on domestic travel via commercial means and not international travel, as many countries have long required various vaccines for entry.

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We have noted vaccine passports as a way for the public to feel more comfortable traveling commercial domestically, as they would know who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and who has not. But there is still much not known about the FDA authorized for emergency use vaccines (not have been approved), most notably how long the protection will last against COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Some studies show only six months, while other studies show protection past eight months. One’s DNA and other health factors come into play as to the protection level one will receive and how long they continue to receive the protection against the virus. Meanwhile, requiring proof of one’s vaccine has not been under discussion for other seasonal viruses, like influenza or other respiratory illnesses, which can spread through the air or by touch.

Yesterday, the CDC stated it was safe for Americans to travel domestically via commercial means (airlines, train, etc.) if they have been vaccinated, even though CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky encourages people not to travel. Walensky isn’t the only government official giving mixed messages regarding COVID-19 and vaccine passports. On March 30, 2021, the White House said Biden would not support a government created vaccine passport and would leave it to the private sector, yet this notion seemed to be contrary to an article in the Washington Post, published the day before quoting five HHS officials stated on the condition of anonymity, that the federal government is working on a way to confirm travelers have been vaccinated. It remains unclear if travelers will be required to carry a “vaccine passport” and if it will be a government imposed mandate for commercial travel within the United States, or if this will be left to the private sector.

On March 30, 2021, the Libertarian Party of Florida put forth the following statement, signed by its Chairperson, Steven Nekhaila:

The Libertarian Party of Florida stands steadfastly AGAINST efforts by the Federal government and any efforts by the State and Local governments to institute a Covid vaccine passport or any other state involvement in documenting or restricting one’s freedom of movement.
This past year, we had the Federal government declare masks did not work, only so they could horde masks, and then declare face coverings adequate.
We had Pfizer and other companies develop a vaccine within 72hrs of receiving the DNA sequence for Sars-Cov-2, yet, the FDA and CDC went against their own memorandum by restricting the expedited rollouts of vaccine development and testing.
We had the FDA, CDC, and CMS, work in tandem to shutdown laboratories testing for Covid19, including the University of Washington lab, which was shutdown twice, while the CDC continued to provide botched test kits.
We had businesses shutdown, commerce halted, rights degraded, and law abiding citizens stripped of their livelihood as well as their lives at the hands of a small oligarch of hypocritical legislators.
We were the only political party to stand up for your rights during this entire proceeding, we are the only ones willing to stick our necks out for what is right even when it is unpopular, and we will remain the only ones who continue to fight for what is right even with our backs against the wall and with a thousand voices shouting us down.
Imagine what outcome would have been without these petty dictators in positions of power, with Libertarians ingrained at the local, state, and Federal levels to lead the charge against government intrusion? The United States would be a better place. It takes your help to get us there.
That is what the Libertarian Party is all about, we are protectors of what is righteous, which is not always what is popular.
We are guided by principle, while others are guided by fear.
WE, the Party of Principle, dedicate ourselves to you, in service to Floridians who fight for Liberty to have a political home, and a political body which serves as the centrifugal force of our movement.
And we are not stopping.

Similarly, the national Libertarian Party adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS; the Federal, State, and Local governments of the United States have been inept in the handling of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic and have not been forthright, righteous, nor consistent in their advice and legislation.
WHEREAS; pharmaceutical companies had the vaccine developed for COVID19 disease as early as 72hrs after the DNA sequence was released from Chinese researchers, however the FDA disregarded their own memorandum on the expedited handling of vaccine research and deployment stifling lifesaving technology.
WHEREAS; the Federal government has lied about the usefulness of masks, only to hoard the effective N95 masks for themselves, and then later reversed the position after masks were bought off the market by the public sector.
WHEREAS; by March 2020, the CDC had tested 10,000 people in the United States for COVID19, where South Korea was testing 10,000 per day by forming an open public-private partnership. The CDC, FDA, and CMS worked in tandem to shutdown private laboratories, such as the private University of Washington lab twice, for privately testing positive COVID19 cases. The CDC botched their tests which were rendered scientifically inaccurate while private sector kits were being shipped overseas for use elsewhere.
WHEREAS; the Federal, State, and Local governments across the United States degraded civil liberties, levied steep fines against peaceful people, and took away livelihood and lives through the closure of transportation, businesses, and lockdown orders while hypocritical oligarchs defied those same orders.
WHEREAS; governments stifled the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic every step of the way, while the private sector researchers, doctors, nurses, non-profits, and businesses lifted the entire load of relief in spite of governments interference.
WHEREAS; these same government officials now wish to implement a COVID19 vaccination passport for the purpose of restricting travel and maximizing obedience, further perpetuating the technocratic surveillance state.
THEREFORE; be it resolved that the Libertarian National Committee stands in stark defiance of all attempts by government to interfere with the private sector response to COVID19 as well as the degradation of civil liberties and livelihood at the hands of legislators. We oppose vaccine passports and any government mandated documentation, surveillance, restrictions, mandates, or laws which tread on the rights of the people. We stand in service of those seeking freedom in the United States as the centrifugal force of liberty.
FURTHERMORE; the Libertarian National Committee recognizes Dr. Li Wenliang, who was arrested by Chinese police in Wuhan, China for blowing the whistle on the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 virus at the Wuhan General Hospital. Dr. Wenliang was released after signing an affidavit stating he committed “spreading rumors” and was later acquitted after public outrage. Dr. Wenliang died at the age of thirty-three due to encountering the virus by treating patients with COVID-19. Dr. Wenilang was the first casualty by the government in the war against our rights and deserves our unwavering respect.

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