Evidence refutes “assault weapons” ban will decrease gun violence in America

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As the mainstream media once again picks up the torch to ban guns in America, President Biden has stated he is considering an executive order to ban “assault weapons” as a response to the recent shootings in Colorado and Atlanta. Yet, as we know when this was tried for ten years via former President Clinton, it did not work and there is no evidence to support the idea that it will work now.

“While such a move will make people feel better that something is being done, crazy people intending to create mayhem will do so via any means necessary. Whether it is chlorine gas ‘bombs’ or some other means, crimes against humanity will continue so long as hate and insanity exists. Banning a certain type of weapon will have near zero net impact and only create a black market for certain weapons and ammunition. An American is more likely to be murdered by a knife or other sharp instrument than via a gun. During a time when Americans are telling us we must follow the science, shouldn’t we be doing the same regarding gun violence?” said Karl Dickey, chairperson of the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County.

Mass shootings are only a fraction of gun-related homicides in the United States, accounting for .5 percent of such deaths. More importantly, a three-part study conducted by the Department of Justice supports Dickey’s statement that the 1993-2004 “assault weapons” ban had no bottom line effect on gun violence as criminal shooters migrated to different weapons. Two other studies have come to similar conclusions in that banning high capacity magazines and/or “assault weapons” have or would have any effect on homicide rates; see here and here.

Dickey concluded, “So while passing such laws will make some feel better, we must find better solutions to identify those who pose a danger to others without violating the Second or Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Any elected official proposing such violations is guilty of not honoring their Oath of Office and must be removed from public office. We need actual solutions, not feel good legislation, as we found with the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) from 1994.”

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