Aston Martin is out with their F1 Edition of the Vantage

If you are in the market for a unique $162,000 sports car, then perhaps the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition will strike your fancy. The Vantage is already renowned for delivering a truly thrilling driving experience, and they have unleashed the F1 Edition to give even greater exhilaration, with 25 more horsepower to its 4.0-litre V8 engine, a new aerodynamic body kit, and dynamic tuning. While the top speed and 0-60 times will remain the same as other Vantages, the new aero kit brings performance enhancements that can be felt from the driver’s seat, delivering positive front and rear down force, totalling 200kg more down force than Vantage at top speed.

CEO of Aston Martin, Tobias Moers, described the F1 Edition as, “A Vantage to appeal to the most discerning drivers and a new model that marks an exciting moment in Aston Martin’s history—the return to Formula 1. Performance is at the heart of every Aston Martin, but when it wears an F1® badge it has to be a truly exceptional car.”

Vantage F1 Edition Photo courtesy of Aston Martin

Increasing its power at higher engine speeds by sustaining torque throughout the speed range, combined with gearbox calibration to maximise shift speeds, with an emphasis on ultimate track performance.

The distinctive cockpit feel of the interior is one of absolute focus and finesse, creating a more immersive driving experience and intimately connecting the driver with the car and the road ahead.

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