Are sea levels rising in the United States as a result of human activity?

Tide gauges measure the movement of sea levels relative to the land surface; a rise in this measurement could mean that either the sea level is rising or that the land in that area is sinking (subsidence) — or some combination of both. One issue of tide gauges is that they tend to sink into the ground on the structure they are attached to. Tides change minute to minute, hour by hour and these changes must be taken into account when studies are done; however often it is not — especially when reporting these measurements in the media with a bias toward seeing sea levels as rising.

Another serious issue with the reporting of sea level rise as it is often reported as a result of human activity is that reports often find one area of the ocean in the United States will be a different measurement than another part of the United States. They will even report differences within a state which does not happen in the actual world as all water seeks to be level and should report the same no matter where it is. The ocean’s level should be the same in Maryland and it is in Florida, yet climate alarmists will try to have you believe otherwise.

Sea levels have been rising for over 20,000 years, long before man could have influenced global warming or the rise of ocean levels.

Based on measurements available to us, sea levels have risen 400 feet over the last 20,000 years, long before humans could have had an effect on global warming or the rise of ocean levels as they relate to land mass. It is important to note, we should question the recording of all this information as even with the tidal gauges, we can see the flaw in them. For example, we have proven that much of the land mass in Louisiana is sinking, especially in the New Orleans area, yet some continue to report how the sea is rising in this area. It is not the sea level that is rising; it is the land sinking. Some areas of Louisiana are sinking by as much as 2 inches a year (at least from 2009-2012), according to NASA radar imaging. According to the NASA study, the primary contributors were found to be groundwater pumping and dewatering (surface water pumping to lower the water table, which prevents standing water and soggy ground). So, while we can see human activity has caused the sinking of New Orleans, it is not because of pollution and emission tax credits would do zero for to keep the city and the surrounding area above water. But often reporters and scientists will conflate human activity and pollution as causing sea level rise, when we know the ground is sinking, not because of human pollution, but humans drilling and pumping, interfering with nature. Perhaps it is time to let nature take over and have humans abandon New Orleans and the surrounding area rather than have U.S. taxpayers continually pump billions into what will eventually become either a floating city or another Atlantis.

We can find another example of how land mass affects sea level measurements in Juneau, Alaska. Juneau, Alaska’s land mass has been rising and we can see by these measurements that one could conclude the sea level is falling, but we know that is not the case, the land is rising.

We continue to know more because of the Jason series of satellites maintained by NASA, the most recent deployed in 2016. The primary instrument on Jason-3 is a radar altimeter. The altimeter measures sea-level variations over the global ocean with very high accuracy (1.3 inches or 3.3 centimeters, with a goal of achieving 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters).

The overwhelming evidence suggests that the sea level is rising naturally in the United States and there is no concrete evidence that is caused by human activated pollution and there is zero evidence the rise of the oceans is accelerating in the United States. If one were to believe the Climate Alarmists, the New York Stock Exchange should be underwater by now and Orlando should be beachfront property. Furthermore, to believe humans can reverse sea level rise is not based on science or reality. While coastal areas are able to put in measures to mitigate the future rise of the oceans and rivers, many believe it is best to let nature take its course and move as necessary. Meanwhile, governments should stop using taxpayer money to “combat climate change” as it will be money foolishly spent.

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