Poll Shows Voters Over 65 Reject Caps on THC Levels for Medical Cannabis

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Lawmakers on the fence about supporting a THC cap on constitutionally protected medical marijuana should listen to voters. In a poll commissioned by the Florida Cannabis Action Network, voters confirm their opposition to proposed THC Caps.

In the poll conducted March 10, 2021, of over 700 likely voters in Florida over 60.9% oppose any caps on THC levels produced in medical marijuana products.

In the analysis provided by The Political Matrix and The Listener Group, they said,” Most of the study was sampled strongly in the Northwestern Florida Panhandle and the North Central part of Florida; areas that are thought to be traditionally conservative.”

Among the results, men and women across party lines oppose capping THC in medical marijuana products at roughly the same rate. Gen X’ers, those between 35 to 44-years old, showed the highest support for “no caps” at 73% though they made up less than 10% of those surveyed. Of the 332 respondents over age 65, over 56% said they did not believe there should be a cap on THC levels produced in medical marijuana products.

Maria Hurley, president of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, said, “Over 500,000 patients have taken all the steps to receive safe, legal access to cannabis as a complementary therapy for some very serious disorders. Lawmakers in Tallahassee referring to those patients as drug seekers and the specialists who treat them as people who ‘just want to get rich’ is disrespectful. We can only hope the more reasonable voices in the Florida House and Senate will listen to voters and stand up for the patients who need this program.”

Respondents to the poll were also asked if they think we should legalize recreational marijuana in this legislative session. Among likely Republican voters, those who voted in the last 8 elections, 51% said yes.

Jodi James leads Florida Cannabis Action Networks legislative strategy. She said, “We have long believed that many lawmakers are out of touch with their voters. Floridians understand the value safe, affordable access to medical Cannabis is for patients, and they are ready to end the prohibition of Cannabis for adults. While some fringe radicals in the Florida Legislature are pushing THC caps and limits on free-enterprise, this poll confirms likely voters in every demographic want lawmakers to legalize Cannabis for recreation right now.”

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