Green Chef offers convenience and great tasting meal kits

Green Chef Portobello “Steak” Salad

If you have tried none of the many meal kits out there, we recommend trying them. Last year we analyzed some kits out there and felt Green Chef was the best overall. There are meal kits and meal kit companies to favor whatever diet you are on, whether you are eating vegan, paleo, keto, etc.

With Green Chef, they have meal kits that start at $12 per meal with ranges of 2 to 6 people and includes 3 to 4 meals per week. All of their ingredients are organic and come shipped to your door with sustainable packaging, which is easily recycled. They have three meal plans, Keto+Paleo, a Balanced Living plan, and a vegan/vegetarian plan. Their sister company Hello Fresh has similar plans, but does not have strictly vegan meals like Green Chef.

When your weekly box arrives, simply pop the individual bags of ingredients in your refrigerator and take each out as you prep for your meal. Each week you can change recipes or keep those they recommend depending upon your preferences. For instance, we have not had much success with egglplant, so when those come up for a meal, we change it out for a different meal.

Out of all the meal kits we have tried, we have found Green Chef to be the best tasting and one of the most nutritious.

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