Delray Beach and Boca Raton voters keep incumbents in office, Boca changes qualifications to run for public office

Delray Beach Mayor Shelley Petrolia

In Delray Beach, Ryan Boylston, Adam Frankel, and Mayor Shelley Petrolia will remain in office as they all beat their opponents. Petrolia kept her Mayorship over challenger Tracy Caruso by a tight 3 percent margin with 12,129 total votes. Frankel beat out his challenger, Price Patton, by about a 9 percent margin with 11,997 total votes. Boylston remains on the city commission after beating his opponent Mitch Katz by almost 20 percent of the 12,017 total votes.

In Boca Raton, incumbents Monica Mayotte and Yvette Drucker will remain on the city council after winning their elections yesterday. A wide margin approved the two questions on the ballot for City of Boca Raton voters. Voters changed the qualifications in order to appear on the ballot as a candidate in two ways. One must now by a resident of Boca Raton for a minimum of one year rather than the previous 30 days and now must collect a minimum of 200 signatures instead of pay a fee to appear on the ballot for a seat on the city council.

Mayotte was re-elected after beating challenger Brian Stenberg after receiving 58.82 percent of the 12,590 votes. Drucker won after beating out three other challengers, receiving 50.94 percent of the 12,558 total votes. Drucker was challenged by Bernard Korn, Josie Machovec, and Constance Scott.

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