Bottoms up on another Florida alcohol law

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Florida has many laws on the books that most feel need repealing, and the one gallon limit on the size of wine containers is one of them. Yesterday, the Florida House’s HB 6073 sailed through the Regulatory Reform Committee and is waiting on the Commerce Committee’s passage before progressing further. There is a related bill by Jeff Brandes in the Florida Senate, SB 142.

Who knew state law prohibited the size of a wine container? Sure enough, there is a state law, Florida Statutes 564.05, that limits wine to be sold in a container at or under one gallon and is punishable as a second degree misdemeanor if violated.

These are just one of a few potential freedoms being suggested in the Florida legislature for the alcohol industry. Another bill introduced by Brandes would allow patrons of an establishment to take their alcohol off-premises for consumption, which is illegal now. That bill needs to get through three committees before heading to the Florida Senate floor for a final vote.

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