Florida legislature attempts to cap amount of THC on medical marijuana, taking decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients

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On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, the Professions and Public Health Committee of the Florida House will hear HB 1455, a bill that would cap the amount of THC permitted in medical marijuana. The bill would take prescriptions out of the hands of doctors and patients by implementing a general standard invoked by state politicians. As often the case, Republicans who state they are for less regulation, are supporting yet another bill which would increase regulations on businesses and Florida citizens.

HB 1455 puts patients’ lives at risk by criminalizing products that have proven health benefits, puts an unnecessary tax on patients who must use more and spend more when potency is capped, and it violates doctors’ abilities to advertise their practice.

Concerned citizens can contact the following, if so inclined:

Professions & Public Health Subcommittee

Chair: Robinson , Jr., William Cloud "Will" [R] will.robinson@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5071

Vice Chair: Fernandez-Barquin, Juan Alfonso [R] juan.fernandez-barquin@myfloridahouse.gov   (850) 717-5119

Smith, Carlos Guillermo [D]*    carlos.smith@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5049

Andrade, Robert Alexander "Alex" [R]    alex.andrade@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5002

Arrington, Kristen Aston [D]    kristen.arrington@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5043

Eskamani, Anna V. [D]   anna.eskamani@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5047

Garrison, Sam [R]   sam.garrison@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5018

Gottlieb, Michael "Mike" [D]    michael.gottlieb@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5098

Killebrew, Sam H. [R]   sam.killebrew@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5041

Maggard, Randall Scott "Randy" [R]  randy.maggard@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5038

Maney, Thomas Patterson "Patt" [R]  patt.maney@myfloridahouse.gov   (850) 717-5004

McClain, Stan [R]   stan.mcclain@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5023

Rayner, Michele K. [D]  michele.rayner@myfloridahouse.gov   (850) 717-5070

Rizo, Alex [R]  alex.rizo@myfloridahouse.gov    (850) 717-5110

Rommel, Bob [R] bob.rommel@myfloridahouse.gov   (850) 717-5106

Sirois, Tyler I. [R]    tyler.sirois@myfloridahouse.gov (850) 717-5051

Skidmore, Kelly [D] kelly.skidmore@myfloridahouse.gov   (850) 717-5081

Tuck, Kaylee [R]    kaylee.tuck@myfloridahouse.gov  (850) 717-5055

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