Delray Beach residents to choose from six for city commission tomorrow

Those registered voters living within the city limits of Delray Beach will have some hard decisions to make tomorrow when they go to vote in the municipal election. There are three city commission seats up for election tomorrow, March 9, 2021: Mayor, Seat 1, and Seat 3. The city has been hit by scandal after scandal as city managers come and go the last several years, so it will be interesting to see if residents continue with the current mayor and city commission or vote in new blood.

Vying for Delray Beach Mayor (Seat 5) is incumbent Shelly Petrolia and her opponent Tracy Caruso. Both candidates have endorsements from powerful organizations. Petrolia has been endorsed by the Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel while Caruso has been endorsed by SEIU and the Economic Council of PBC.

Seat 1 for Delray’s city commission is held by Adam Frankel who faces challenger, Price Patton. Similar to the mayoral race, both have been endorsed by powerful organizations; Patton by the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post, and Frankel by orgs such as SEIU and local Democrats.

Seat 3 on Delray’s city commission is held by Ryan Boylston and is challenged by former city commissioner Mitch Katz. Boylston locked up endorsements from the two major newspapers in the area and the SEIU; Mitch has been running on his past record on the commission and reaching out to voters with his Coffee and Delray Beach Politics Live interactions on Facebook.

To find out where to vote, registered voters in the city can go here: If you have already voted by mail, you can check on the status of your ballot here:

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