Was the 2020 election rigged? Of course, like all others.

We hear much talk that they rigged the 2020 general election, meaning it was unfairly drawn out. This is an undisputable fact, so let’s look at some ways the people of the United States’ votes were manipulated.

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Democrats worked hard to keep Howie Hawkins off the ballot in some key states.

Democratic Parties in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin sued to keep Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins off the ballot to keep him from competing with Joe Biden. Green Party communications director, Michael O’Neil said, “We believe Howie and Angela were removed from the ballot in those states by officials acting on partisan motivations.”

In keeping Hawkins off the ballot in those three states, it would prevent a repeat of what happened in 2016 when, theoretically, votes for Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton those electoral college votes.

They kept Jo Jorgensen off the presidential debate stage.

Even though Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen was the only other candidate on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia alongside Joe Biden and Donald Trump, she was excluded from the presidential debates. She was excluded because she did not meet the threshold in polling to qualify. The five polls the Commission on Presidential Debates did not include Jorgensen’s name, so it is difficult to qualify when the CPD picks polls that specifically exclude her name.

Keeping Jo Jorgensen’s name out of the mainstream media.

It is interesting that now the election is over, the mainstream media mentions of Jo Jorgensen has risen over 600 percent. Where was the media when the campaign was rolling across America for the last several months? In the rare times they mentioned a third-party candidate, they headlined it similar to “The Libertarian candidate…” and would intentionally exclude her name. Meanwhile, the same media outlet’s headlines would always include Biden or Trump and never say something to the order of “The Republican candidate….” This clearly violates journalistic integrity, especially when 11 to 22 percent of Americans identify as libertarians.

For example, Florida voters had a choice between nine candidates for president whose name was printed on their ballots (there were more qualified write-in candidates). But in listening to the news and general media, one would believe they had to choose between only two. This is a failure of journalists to inform the public of the qualified candidates on the ballot in an unbiased manner. That is an intentional manipulation of the voters. Had the media given Jorgensen the same media attention as Biden and Trump, then the results of the 2020 general election would have been dramatically different.

There are dozens of examples where the 2020 election has been rigged, but since we know only eight percent of those who started reading are still reading this article, we will stop here. Those interested can research how Bernie Sanders was sidelined unfairly, research how ballots have been thrown in the trash, see miscounts happening around the country, etc. One thing is clear, is that the 2020 election was not conducted fairly and without bias.

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