Did Jo Jorgensen take the presidency away from Trump?

The question on many American’s minds is what, if any, affect did Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, have on the votes going one way or another toward Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Foremost, Jorgensen did not take votes away from anyone, and even if that is your incorrect mindset, mathematically it does not add up. President-Elect Joe Biden has won the popular and electoral college votes and will be sworn in as the President of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen

As of this posting, Jorgensen’s vote total is just over 1.7 million nationally and would not have given Trump the 4+ million votes he would have needed to win the popular vote. And that is a large assumption all Jorgensen voters would have voted for Trump, which is not based on reality. Second, we come to the electoral college where the only state (so far) where Jorgensen would have had an effect is Wisconsin, which is only 10 electoral college votes. It still makes no difference as Trump needs over 10, he needs 76.

Nope, Republicans will need to find a different scapegoat for Trump’s loss than putting it on Jorgensen. They need just look in the mirror to all those who did not vote for Trump, either by not voting or by Republicans voting for Biden.

The presidential campaign of Libertarian Dr. Jo Jorgensen, who won over 1.7 million votes this election, may have provoked President Donald Trump to court votes of Libertarian-leaners by indicating he will bring the troops home from Afghanistan by the end of this year.

On Oct. 7, three and a half weeks before the election, Trump tweeted, “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!”

“President Trump needed the Libertarian vote in this election,” said Jorgensen. “His last-minute indication that he would finally bring our troops home from Afghanistan may have been a direct response to my campaign.”

Jorgensen ran on a bold platform of bringing U.S. troops home from foreign lands while maintaining a military defense that is trained and ready to defend America’s soil and shores. “Make America like one giant Switzerland: armed and neutral,” was her rallying cry. 

Trump’s concern about Libertarian voters was on display in early September when he declared that he is “somewhat Libertarian” and showed that he would get most of the Libertarian votes if Jorgensen weren’t on the ballot.

Trump also enlisted the support of libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul to appeal to anti-war Libertarian voters. 

Sen. Paul tweeted on Oct. 11, “Just spoke with … @realDonaldTrump. He sounds great and wants libertarians and everyone across the country to know he is ending the war in Afghanistan” to which Trump responded “Thank you LIBERTARIANS. We are getting it all done, and FAST! VOTE TRUMP!!!”

“Whether or not President Trump wins re-election, he can fulfill his promise to bring our troops home this year,” said Jorgensen. “This is his chance to leave a legacy of peace.”

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  1. I’m gonna go on record and say for me, Jo Jorgensen gave me an option beyond not voting, because much like 2016, I refused to vote for them Trump or Clinton, and now Trump or Biden.

    Voting shouldn’t be about choosing between the lesser of two evils (or two racists). It should be about choosing a candidate that YOU believe in. And I couldn’t in my right mind choose between these two horrible options.

    Did I feel that Jorgensen would win, to be honest, no – but it wasn’t about that – it was about my options being expanded, letting others know that they should demand better and not “settle”, and maybe somewhere down the line, we can truly have open debates, ranked choice voting, and a say in WHO can run for president. I would’ve like Jorgensen to have won, but I voted for HER – not a party of corruption.

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