Lyft offering discounted rides to the polls so more Americans can vote

As a way for encourage more voting in tomorrow’s general election, ride share tech company Lyft is offering 50% off for riders going to their polling location. Called “Ride to Vote” the discount does not apply to your trip back home or work. On Election Day, Lyft is offering 50% off one ride up to $10 to any polling location or drop box using the code 2020VOTE*. You can get an extra $5 to download their app for the first time using this link.

The Palm Beach Examiner created a voter guide which you can use found here:

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Lyft is working with When We All, and other partners to provide communities with the tools they need to register to vote.These organizations join Lyft’s growing list of Voting Access partners, which includes the National Federation of the BlindStudent Veterans of America, and more, allowing us to expand ride access to even more people this election season. 

Through their LyftUp program, they are also partnering with several nonprofit organizations to distribute free and discounted rides to those in communities where access to reliable, affordable transportation is limited.

“Lyft is stepping up to complement the work that More Than A Vote has done to convert sports arenas into safe in-person voting locations in communities that are suffering the most during this pandemic,” said Michael Tyler, EVP of Public Affairs for More Than A Vote. “By providing access to free and discounted rides to arena voting sites in Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Philadelphia, Lyft is making it easier for voters in key population centers to safely exercise their right to vote this fall.” 

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