Going green in your home during COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has been dramatic for us all as we seek ways not to contract the virus. While many of us are wearing masks and taking other precautions outside our homes, what can we be doing at home to help? And how can we do so while helping the environment?

Foremost, while home and, if workable, open up your windows to let fresh air in. This saves on electric costs while offering health benefits. Also, while most residential buildings use recirculated air conditioning, some have some air intake from outside, which can be beneficial. Perhaps look into adding an air intake vent to your HVAC system.

Another option is to change what you use to clean your home by eliminating harmful chemicals, which may be averse to living a healthy life for you and your family. Everyday products we use could be doing us more harm than good and changing out those everyday products which are green and proven by science, may be the best way to have a healthy home.

There are many products masquerading on how “green” they are, but when you look at their ingredient label, you discover they are anything but green. One company that has been around for over 55 years is Shaklee with a proven track record and proven science to back up their commitment to the environment and the health of those who use their products. They have a line of household cleaning products that is impressive. From moisturizing hand sanitizer to general purpose spray cleaning and dishwasher concentrate, their products are proven by science and ethics.

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