Kennedy show on Fox Business restarts with Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen as guest

Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery Photo Credit: John Mathew Smith & from Laurel, Maryland, USA

After Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery temporarily left Fox Business for the last 7 months, she her show is back on the air and will be on from now on at 8 PM Eastern, Mondays through Thursdays. Kennedy’s show leans libertarian, though she offers a diverse group of guests on her show, from conservative John Bolton types to liberal Jessica Tarlov, to libertarian Matt Welch.

She featured Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, who offered a fresh perspective on the Election 2020 presidential race and how America should be governed. They started off the interview dismissing the myth of the “wasted vote.” Jorgensen said, “The Democratic Party that I grew up with in the 60s, they were antiwar, they were for the little guy, and also they believed in free speech. And the Democratic Party is nothing like that anymore. They muzzled Tulsi Gabbard, the only anti-war voice out there, and we all know that the Democratic Party machine chose Joe Biden, so what I would tell voters is, ‘If Joe Biden was your best pick and you like the fact that he is a war hawk, and you like what he’s doing, then great, vote for him. But if you want to send a message to the Democratic Party, then hey, let us pick our own people. And by the way, the Democratic Party isn’t acting like Democrats anymore.”

In speaking how President Trump has raised the deficit and federal debt higher than former President Barack Obama, Jorgensen said, “If you like the fact the Trump is spending more than Barack Obama, then great, vote for him again; but if you want to tell Trump, ‘Look, we voted for you because you were an outsider, we want you to act like an outsider, the vote for me [Jo Jorgensen] to send him a message.’

Jo Jorgensen speaks about the 2020 Election with Kennedy on Fox Business

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