Esselstyn’s Engine 2 now offering their plant-strong foods directly to consumers

Rip Esslestyn

Rip Esselstyn spent a decade as one of the premier triathletes in the world. He then joined the Austin Fire Department where he introduced his passion for a whole-food, plant-based diet to Austin’s Engine 2 Firehouse to rescue a firefighting brother’s health. To document his success, he wrote the national bestselling book, The Engine 2 Diet, which shows the irrefutable connection between a plant-based diet and good health. They feature prominently him in the documentary Forks Over Knives.

Engine 2 Pizza Kits

In South Florida, Engine 2 products could mostly be found at Whole Foods, and now Esselstyn is expanding its availability to consumers to purchase directly from his company in bulk. They have already sold out of their pizza kits, which include their delicious pizza crusts and sauce. Besides their pizza kits, they are offering two versions of granola and two cereals.

Engine 2 products follow the no oil, plant-strong profile for a healthy life. Heart health is a major proponent of the Engine 2 Diet, though it is more than just heart health. The plant-strong website offers dozens of free recipes for visitors to their website. In addition, the website offers paid programs, from cleaning up your kitchen pantry to only include healthy items, meal planners, rescue programs for those having health issues, and much more.

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