Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen visits NYC, Jersey City, Philadelphia to promote her platform of individual freedom

Today Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen will greet and thank supporters while paying tribute to “Liberty Enlightening the World,” the artwork better known as the Statue of Liberty, which has long served as an emblem of the Libertarian Party. Following the noontime event at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign bus tour will continue the theme of America’s devotion to individual freedom with a stop near Independence Hall in Philadelphia. 

“I will govern to preserve the life, liberty, and property of all Americans,” said Dr. Jorgensen. “If elected, I will be a president who does not govern as a member of Team Red or Team Blue.” It was libertarian principles, including religious freedom and no taxation without representation, that moved America’s founders to declare the country’s independence.

Joining her on the program in Philadelphia will be Steve Scheetz, chair of the Libertarian Party (LP) of Pennsylvania, Matt Baltsar, candidate for Pennsylvania House of Representatives (Dist. 194), Jennifer Moore, candidate for Pennsylvania auditor general, and Daniel Wassmer, running for Pennsylvania attorney general.

On Tuesday, Dr. Jorgensen will visit New York City to meet supporters, voters, and media, concluding the northeastern leg of her “Real Change for Real People” campaign bus tour. At a rally in Manhattan in the afternoon and at meet-and-greet in Queens in the evening, she will be joined by featured speakers Cody Anderson, chair of the LP of New York State, and Michael Madrid, candidate for U.S. Congress (Dist. 10).

Also campaigning today in New York state is Dr. Jorgensen’s vice-presidential running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, who will appear at Niagara Falls State Park at a morning rally, and in Hamburg in the afternoon. The program for the afternoon event will include second-amendment attorney Jim Ostrowski, Duane J. Whitmer, a candidate for U.S. Congress (Dist. 27), and Tony D’Orazio, first vice chair of LP New York.

The Jorgensen–Cohen platform, centered on reducing the size and scope of the federal government, includes pledges to bring troops home from overseas entanglements to protect America’s own soil and shores, providing a truly free market for health care—with the technological innovations and price reductions spurred by competition—and ending drug prohibition and freeing from federal prisons all nonviolent, victimless drug offenders to return to their families.

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