Palm Beach Examiner Voter Guide and Endorsements

Here, we will put forth our endorsements for most candidates and issues on Palm Beach County voter ballots in the November 3, 2020 general election. We would strongly advise voters to completely research all the candidates and issues rather than rely on endorsements from us, mainstream media, or special interest groups. You can use our search box above to research the amendments or candidates for more in-depth articles.

PRESIDENT: There are 7 candidates on the ballot plus 6 more qualified write-in candidates. Out of those, only three will be on the ballot in all 50 states; Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen, and Donald Trump. We seek the most freedom-based candidates (those who will vote for maximum freedom of the individual). In that regard, we recommend voting for Jo Jorgensen.

U.S. House District 21: There are 3 candidates seeking to represent Florida’s Congressional District 21; Lois Frankel, Laura Loomer, and Charleston Malkemus. There are also two qualified write-in candidates. Our choice is Charleston Malkemus as the most freedom-based candidate to vote.

U.S. House District 22: This is a choice between Ted Deutch and James Pruden. We would vote for James Pruden.

State Senator District 31: Lori Berman and Tami Donnally are the two candidates for voters to choose. We choose Tami Donnally.

State Representative District 88: In this race, there are three candidates; Rubin Anderson, Omar Hardy, and Danielle Madsen. We choose Danielle Madsen.

State Representative District 89: This is a race between Mike Caruso and Jim Bonfiglio. Although tempted to skip this race as we are not a fan of either candidates, we choose Mike Caruso.

State Representative District 91: Voters can choose between Sayd Hussain or Emily Slosberg. We feel both are not freedom-based candidates, so we do not have a recommendation in this race.

Palm Beach County Sheriff: This is a contest between Ric Bradshaw and Lauro E. Diaz. Our pick is Lauro E. Diaz.

Palm Beach County Tax Collector: The choice is between Frank Ciatto and Ann Gannon. We choose Frank Ciatto.

Palm Beach County Commission District 3: This is a race between Dave Kerner and Jon Maples. We choose Jon Maples.

Palm Beach County Commission District 7: There are three candidates’ names who will appear on some voters’ ballots and there is a qualified write-in candidate (Micaela Wichman). The three whose name will appear on the ballot are Mack Bernard, Leonard L. Serratore, and Caneste Succe. Our choice is Leonard L. Serratore.

Shall Justice Carlos G. Muñiz of the Supreme Court be retained in
We say “NO”.

Shall Judge Alan O. Forst of the Fourth District Court of Appeal be
retained in office?
We say “NO”.

Shall Judge Mark W. Klingensmith of the Fourth District Court of Appeal
be retained in office?
We say “NO”.

Shall Judge Martha C. Warner of the Fourth District Court of Appeal be
retained in office?
We say “NO”.

Circuit Judge, 15th Judicial Circuit Group 30: This is a choice between Jaimie Goodman and Adam Myron. We choose Jaimie Goodman.

Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District Group 2: There are two candidates, Ann Marie Sorrell and Audrey Friedrich. We choose Audrey Friedrich.

Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District Group 3: This is a choice between three candidates, as one on the ballot has since withdrawn. The choice is between Jon E. Shaw, Chad Alvarez, and Adam P. Baer. Our pick is Jon E. Shaw as he is the most qualified.

Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District Group 4: The choice is between Candace A. Rojas and Rob Long. Our choice is Candace A. Rojas.

AMENDMENT 1: We suggest a “NO” vote, as to become a registered voter must already be a citizen of the United States. This is an unnecessary name change.

AMENDMENT 2: We suggest a “NO” vote, as adding this issue should not be in the Florida Constitution and if enacted would adversely affect those it seeks to help.

AMENDMENT 3: We suggest a “NO” vote, as we favor open primaries, having it being a top-two style primary could adversely affect the general election limiting voters to voting for only one political party.

AMENDMENT 4: We suggest a “NO” vote. While we agree with the sentiment of this amendment, to keep things out of the state’s constitution that do not belong, this amendment is too Draconian to limit the people’s will.

AMENDMENT 5: We suggest a “YES” vote. This amendment extends “Save Our Home” property tax portability from two to three years.

AMENDMENT 6: We have no suggestion. This amendment would affect very few homeowners.

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