Commentary: Jo Jorgensen wins the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Jo Jorgensen

While Joe Biden and Donald Trump were talking over one another, each making one outlandish statement after another, Dr. Jo Jorgensen was livestreaming from Cleveland being interviewed on the same subjects as Trump and Biden. There are only three presidential candidates whose name will appear on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and they are Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen, and Donald Trump.

Most commentators, including myself, found the debate a complete mess. Admittingly, I expected Trump to clean the floor with Biden, the two’s constant badgering of one another and calling of names by both Biden and Trump was off-putting to many independents and the few undecideds that remain. It became so bad; it was hard to see where they stood on the issues. Biden voted one way, yet is campaigning a completely different way on many issues. I can’t believe what Trump or Biden say. And how can one believe the media either as they manipulate the debate and discussion? Even getting down to Biden’s complexion. Watching on an unvarnished, non-partisan C-SPAN live, viewers saw Biden as pale and washed out, but this morning on CNBC he appears tan and healthy.

Thankfully, Jorgensen offers a fresh perspective without all the nonsense. During the Jorgensen Livestream, interviewer Elizabeth Nolan Brown pointed out that there used to be clear-cut differences between the Democrats and Republicans, whereas these days, they are one party of the same. For instance, Democrats used to stand for freedom and no war, yet Democrats in office, including Biden, vote for less freedom and more war.

COVID-19: Jorgensen said it is fine for the federal government to relay information and educate the public on the facts about COVID-19 and not to run our lives. She suggests Trump should have gotten the FDA out of the way regarding testing for COVID-19, and she says some are still being blocked from being used. She favors the way Sweden handled the pandemic. She also said she would have not have shut down the economy and there would have been no need for the $1,200 direct payments.

Minimum Wage: Jorgensen said, “Typically minimum wage jobs are a way to get your foot in the door.” She continued, “I expect them to use that as a stepping stone to a higher level job, which is what happens in the free market.”

Jobs and the Economy: Jorgensen said the government via taxpayer money shouldn’t be paying people to stay home. She offered an example she experienced on the campaign trail where a restaurant owner was short workers because people were getting “free” money from the government to stay home rather than work. This is a classic example of how well-intentioned government programs end up doing the opposite of their intention. Jorgensen said, “The government gives perverse consequences, they give a reward for doing the wrong thing, and we end up with an upside down economy like we have.”

To get out of the recession, Jorgensen said, “We need more jobs, we need deregulation.” She offered that with over 60,000 pages of federal regulations, corporations have an advantage over the little guy in business. Jorgensen continued, “Money left in the hands of business owners, create twice as many jobs and money left to the federal government. Let the people who are producing create the jobs.” Jorgensen offered the analogy that if you had $10,000 that you wanted to put toward creating jobs, would you lend that money to a small business or go into business yourself, or would you give that money to the federal government?

Jorgensen also said she finds most occupational licensing requirements absurd and would do what she could on the federal level (which is minimal) to end such government mandates which are protectionist for existing and large companies.

Criminal Justice Reform & Racism: Jorgensen supports ending no-knock raids, qualified immunity for law enforcement, mandatory minimum sentencing, and militarization of the police. Jorgensen astutely states that it is the War on Drugs which has its tentacles in all these egregious laws and actions by law enforcement. Without the Drug War, it would eliminate most of the negative actions on minorities and offers a freer world to live. The War on Drugs adversely affects those of us who do not use illegal drugs, the Drug War has become worse than the drugs. Innocent people are being shot and killed by drug gangs because of the illegality of certain drugs. Besides this, she said, we need to get rid of victimless crimes. “If there is no victim, there is no crime. We should be allowed to own object; whether it is a gun to protect yourself or if it is drugs for whatever you wish. It is the prohibition that is causing the problem, not the drugs.” She said this will partially help end the racial bias that exists in our justice system.

Jorgensen said she would quickly pardon anyone convicted on the federal level of a victimless crime, and then she would work to stop anyone else from being arrested for victimless crimes on the federal level.

Government Spending: “We absolutely need a strong military. We need to defend our shores, we need to have strength so we don’t get invaded. However, we don’t need to be around the world when we are in over 160 different countries, like places like France and Germany, the Middle East; that’s where we need to cut our [military] spending.” She said we need to cut military spending overseas but not to cut spending on defending ourselves.

Education should be local and we should stop getting around 11 cents on the dollar by having it filtered on the federal level through Washington, D.C. The needs of students in one area of the country can differ greatly from another area of the country. Jorgensen said, “Let them decide what is best for them rather than a one size fits all from the government.”

Healthcare: Prices go up when the federal government gets involved with people’s health care, according to Jorgensen. Jorgensen said, “The problem we have now with our health insurance is that it is not insurance at all.” Patients have no reason to shop around for the best prices and this is partially the reason health care and insurance is so expensive. Jorgensen continued, “I don’t understand why we have politicians suggesting failed policies such as a single payer like in Great Britain and Canada.” She offered a better system is through competition similar to Singapore. Singapore has both a competitive, free market approach and a government-run universal health care model.

Jorgensen shared her thoughts on how the debate between Trump and Biden went via an email to her followers late last night:

  • America is experiencing the dire consequences of a failed two-party system. The so-called “debate” between Trump and Biden was a national embarrassment. The need for a third party candidate has never been greater.
  • Trump and Biden, while they talk over each other and bicker, actually agree on far too much. Endless wars, the war on drugs, crony capitalism, and the destruction of our Bill of Rights. 
  • Neither of these men understand the devastating effect they’ve had on the United States. Trump has started a trade war that’s destroyed millions of jobs and left America with a new record debt. And Joe Biden has “served” in public office for 19% of our country’s entire history and was an architect of the war on drugs and was a cheerleader for the Iraq War. 

It’s no wonder they did everything in their power to keep me out of the debate: I would have crushed them with the hard facts, defending the Constitution, and exposed these two for the corrupt politicians they are.

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