Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar connected ballot harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme – “Car is full” of absentee ballots

Project Veritas does it again in expose featuring video proof of “cash-for-ballots” scheme. Minnesota is part of several election fraud investigations happening around the country. Omar Jamal is investigating election fraud in Ramsey County, Minnesota, and is Chair of the Somali Watchdog Group.

The process for which election fraud is happening in Minnesota is not very different from what has happened here in Palm Beach County, Florida, for many years. The process involves convincing seniors for whom to vote. As the Palm Beach Post described in an exclusive article, “Commissioner Mack Bernard and Rep. Al Jacquet, both Democrats running in the August primary, took advantage of gaping holes in Florida’s vote-by-mail laws to pressure and cajole voters in their living rooms.” And who could forget that time when Irv Slosberg was found to have a voting machine in his car that the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office had to seize?

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