Malkemus campaign picks up steam in attempt to defeat Frankel and Loomer

Charleston Malkemus

The 21st Congressional District for Florida is a contest between three candidates whose names will appear on the ballot: incumbent Lois Frankel, Laura Loomer, and newcomer Charleston Malkemus. Malkemus is a U.S. Marine and entrepreneur. Malkemus’ campaign has been picking up steam recently and could be a formidable competitor to Loomer and Frankel in the November 3, 2020 general election.

For the record, on Monday, September 21, 2020, I wrote an article on the District 21 race and could not find, through normal channels, information on the Malkemus campaign. Since then, and other online campaign resources have included his campaign website and other campaign material. Although an email was sent to the email of record asking for information before the article published, I did not telephone Mr. Malkemus and his exclusion on the issues section of the Monday article could have likely been avoided had I called him. So we give Mr. Malkemus the same opportunity to share his views on the issues covered in the original article.

On healthcare, Mr. Malkemus states, “We have the smartest, most innovative, and hard-working people on the planet. Healthcare and Climate Change present huge opportunities for America in growth and innovation. We can solve affordable, high-quality healthcare without resorting to socialized medicine and unlock tremendous economic value through climate technologies. We should lead the world in tackling these challenges and paving the way for a stronger, more efficient, and innovative America.”

“The role of our Federal Government should be to reduce regulation, encourage innovation, tackle specific dysfunctional market areas like pre-existing conditions or catastrophic caps, collaborate with private and state enterprises, represent and protect the interests of our public welfare.” – Charleston Malkemus

Regarding jobs and the economy, Mr. Malkemus says, “I believe in a strong, efficient, and innovative economy. We have two major events acting on our economy today that require decisive adaptation. 

Globalization has forever opened the doors to international competition, disrupting industries and the flow of goods and services. To retain our competitive advantage, secure job growth, and ensure we have vibrant industries, we must be strategic and engaged with American businesses globally. 

As the result of Covid-19, political leaders caused a massive economic crisis with almost 30 Million jobs lost, thousands of businesses gone, and some industries broken forever. Retail, tourism, commercial real estate, and much of the service industry may never return the same. While the fiscal stimulus has postponed the impact of these events, we may very well find ourselves dealing with millions of workers unprepared for a new economy and a tsunami of evictions and foreclosures post election. We need to begin preparing and retraining Americans for skills that will be in demand as soon as 2021. South Florida will be particularly impacted because of the size of both the tourism and service industry.”

For the size and scope of the federal government, Malkemus says, “I believe the principle role of government is to guarantee freedoms and is limited to that end. Our government should never be used as a weapon against someone’s freedoms or basic rights, or provide services where free markets should reign. I am an advocate for reducing government regulations and modernizing our government. We should have a small, efficient, and effective government that leverages modern technologies and capabilities. Many areas of government need to be completely rethought in the context of our current capabilities, like identification, benefits, voting etc…”

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