Who is running in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District in Election 2020?

Florida’s 22nd Congressional District

There are two candidates who will be on the ballot this November 2020 in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. Voters will decide between incumbent Ted Deutch or James Pruden.

Voters have a choice with stark differences between the two candidates whether they are concerned about gun rights, abortion, government spending, Obamacare, etc. Deutch and Pruden differ on many issues, though have some similarities with relations with Israel.

On the issue of abortion, the two have stark differences. Deutch is quoted as saying, “I believe that a woman’s right to choose must be kept free from governmental intrusion.” Pruden states on his website, “I support the re-introduction of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, outlawing the sale of fetal parts, terminating government funding (directly and indirectly) of abortions, requiring informed consent for an abortion, and restrictions consistent with the Georgia Heartbeat Law.” 

James Pruden

Pruden supports a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution stating, “I support a balanced budget Amendment along with strategic reductions in foreign aid and federal agencies as well as reforms to government procurement and wasteful programs so as to actually begin reducing the national debt by 2029.  I will also support stabilizing Social Security’s finances and preserve the safety net contract with seniors having low incomes..”  Deutch states, “Unfortunately, it is far removed from the reality of hundreds of millions of Americans. Why don’t we ask the nearly one million Florida households if they are willing to pay more in their taxes so that large corporations can evade paying taxes on billions of off-shore dollars?” What Deutch does not explain to voters regarding corporate taxes is that any increase in corporate taxes will cause an increase in pricing, hurting the poorest among us.

Ted Deutch

On the issue of “Medicare for All” Deutch could not be more direct in this tweet, “I believe healthcare is a right. That’s why I’m cosponsoring HR676 #MedicareForAll.” This, while Pruden wants to reform both Social Security and Medicare to make them more sustainable while preserving their intent and is not for a “Medicare for All” option.

When it comes to the economy, their differences continue with Pruden stating, “I support our American capitalist system which has produced the greatest sustained economic prosperity in the history of the world. The free-market society it has produced promotes free choice, preserves and grows the middle class, and creates incentives that encourages personal achievement. Socialism on the other hand, produces ever increasing control by government, loss of personal choice, penalties for achievement and substantially reduced standards of living.”  In addition to supporting a $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill, he says, “Ted supports a legislative agenda focused on growing the paychecks of low and middle-income Americans, closing the wage gap among men and women, helping families achieve better work-life balance, and boosting job-creating investments in public education, transportation and infrastructure, renewable energy, and government-funded medical and scientific research.”

On propping up businesses which were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pruden tweets, “Pelosi and Schumer blocked the CARES Act until they got billions of pet project funding added in like 25Mil for Kennedy Center, and now they are blocking the $250 billion funding infusion for depleted Paycheck Protection Program to save small businesses and workers. While small businesses and workers are falling into economic ruin, the Dems have shown their true colors. They only care about gaining absolute power and could care less about the American people they trample on to get it, just like the CCP. #FL22.”  Deutch states, “This stimulus package includes major support for workers facing reduced hours or unemployment because of the pandemic, including increasing and extending unemployment insurance benefits. We secured crucial infusions of money for small businesses, creating the Paycheck Protection Program to offer cash-flow assistance for employers who keep their employees on their payroll. We are sending billions of dollars to our hospitals, community health centers, and health care providers as they care for the surge of patients from the virus. We are protecting homeowners and renters from foreclosures and evictions during this crisis. And while we allocate significant funds to support major companies, we include stringent oversight requirements to ensure taxpayer funds benefit their impacted employees rather than their executives.”

As with most issues, Deutch and Pruden could not be more different on the Second Amendment. Deutch has a different interpretation of the Second Amendment than Pruden or, if he has the same opinion, then Deutch is will to violate his Oath of Office to get his way. Deutch says, “”Toughen background checks and crack down on illegal gun trafficking.” He states, “3D printers are increasingly used to manufacture everyday goods easily and cheaply; but, we cannot allow individuals to make deadly firearms with the same ease. These printers are capable of making high-strength plastic firearms that are untraceable and undetectable — something criminals and other individuals prohibited by law from possessing a firearm could use to evade our laws. Congress must take care to ensure that internet access does not equal gun access.” 

Pruden on the Second Amendment states, “In making this warning, Hamilton pointed out that those who would overturn the liberties of a republic will advance such a sinister effort by groveling to the people’s sympathies, but it is those supposed benefactors that ultimately end up as tyrants. Understanding this, the founders made a covenant with the states and individual citizens that they will always be entitled to bear arms to ensure, in part, that those who enter into government service will never be able to overthrow the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. The debate has been framed so that many consequently fail to consider the facts that (1) even though firearms were more accessible 60 years ago, the mass shooting incidents we have witnessed recently were unthinkable and unheard of in those times, (2) while there are currently nearly 40,000 gun related deaths per year, there are more than 500,000 defensive uses of firearms each year resulting in substantial preservation of life, (3) as of 2017, 64% of firearms related deaths were committed with handguns as opposed to “military style” refiles that gun activists seek to ban, and (4) there is no evidence to show that if an individual intends on committing mass murder, the lack of access to a firearm would make a material difference to the outcome.”

Lastly, on the issue of trade, Deutch signed a letter stating, “American auto workers, parts suppliers and retailers, dealers, vehicle service providers, and millions of consumers depend on a healthy and competitive U.S. auto industry. As you know, this vital sector employs nearly four percent of our total private sector workforce and is a key engine that powers our economy. However, if tariffs were to be implemented, new vehicle prices will likely increase, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs.” Pruden states on his website, “America is experiencing the longest economic expansion since 1854, with record low unemployment for every race, age and gender which has been prompted by reforms in federal regulations and trade, targeted tax cuts, and free market programs that empower working Americans.” 

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