Three candidates on the ballot in Florida’s District 21 Congressional race, who has your vote?

There are three candidates who have qualified to have their name on the ballot in the general election for Congressional District 21 in Florida, and there are there are also two write-in candidates who have qualified. The two write-in candidates’ names are Piotr Blass and Sylvia Caravetta. We could not find a campaign website for Caravetta; however, found a campaign Twitter account for her and similarly we could not find a campaign website for Blass, but found a campaign Twitter account for him.

UPDATE: The Charleston Malkemus campaign has reached out to us with Mr. Malkemus’ campaign information. We will have a story ready this weekend or next week on his campaign. We will provide a link here for readers when it posts. Link here:

Another qualified contender whose name will appear on the ballot is Charleston Malkemus for which we could not find a campaign website, Facebook, or Twitter account for, so we cannot offer much information on him even though his name will appear and qualified to be on the ballot by paying the hefty qualifying fee. Malkemus is an author and is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. and was trained as a ground intelligence officer serving two tours in Iraq. During offensive operations in Al Qaim and Hit Iraq, he led a Scout Sniper Platoon on multiple combat missions. Charleston received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Attempts to reach Mr. Malkemus were unsuccessful in time for publication.

Florida’s Congressional District 21

For the rest of the article, we will focus on the two candidates who appear to be actively campaigning for U.S. House of Representatives. These two candidates are incumbent Lois Frankel and Laura Loomer. We will focus on the three issues of most concern to Americans today: healthcare, jobs and the economy, and the size and power of the federal government. Strangely, for Loomer, she has chosen not to spotlight these three main issues of concern for her campaign.

HEALTHCARE: Frankel is a supporter of the ACA (Obamacare) while Loomer is against it and would like to see it wound down. Frankel says, “When it comes to the ACA, we need to mend it, not end it.” As for the pricing of prescription drugs, both seem favorable to Trump’s price controls on prescription drugs. Medicare is not likely to be touched by either candidate due to the demographics of District 21, so it is almost a non-issue.

Laura Loomer

JOBS and the ECONOMY: Frankel has been a supporter of the minimum wage whereas Loomer has not. Both seem amiable to funding large-scale infrastructure projects. Frankel has tweeted, “We should be investing in the safe, modern, efficient transportation infrastructure that America deserves and needs!” But Frankel’s grasp on the realities on the issue are often incorrect. Like her calling Trump’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 a “tax scam” that would “raise taxes on middle-class families across this country” when the middle class has saved over 13 percent on their federal income taxes. This is just one example of dozens, in which I have found Frankel to be wrong. We could not find any information on how Loomer would vote on jobs or the economy if voters elected her. She is often lockstep with Trump, so she would be a solid vote for his goals.

SIZE AND POWER OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: We can see stark differences between Loomer and Frankel for overall government size and power. Frankel has favored more regulation while Loomer is for lessening regulations alongside Trump; Frankel would like to see larger government while Loomer is for smaller government; though with the power of the federal government, things get a little less clear between Loomer and Frankel. Frankel has also been quick to want to use the power of the government to force businesses to quash her opponent.

Lois Frankel

Frankel and Loomer seem disagree on immigration. Frankel was against Trump’s original 90 day travel ban, but based on what she said in 2017, she didn’t seem to fully understand the issue or the executive order. Loomer has been supportive of temporary bans on travel from countries with a high level of terrorist threats against America, not based on religion. Contrary to the mainstream media, Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban” was never a ban on Muslims but an attempt to reduce the threat of terrorism happening on American soil. For example, Trump never banned travel from Indonesia (over 97% Muslim) or Egypt (95% Muslim). On the broader issue of immigration, Frankel would like to see a better path to citizenship, stating “… giving people the opportunity to better their lives with a clear path to citizenship that allows them to pay taxes and educate their children.”  Loomer has put out a video on immigration along the southern border, adding the War on Drugs mixed in which should give viewers a better idea of her stance on immigration.

Frankel and Loomer are different, and it is anyone’s guess who will win. Loomer has been very effective at fundraising and is working to win the District 21 seat in Congress every waking moment. As for Frankel, she appears to be relying on her name recognition and the demographics of the district to help her stay in Washington. In a recent fundraising email from Frankel, she states, “Unfortunately, Loomer is outraising me almost two to one, which is extremely worrisome. We can’t allow her campaign to flood our airwaves with vile vitriol and not respond.”

Although of lesser concern for District 21 voters, the Second Amendment and Gun Control are issues that Loomer and Frankel also differ. Loomer is a hardcore supporter of the Second Amendment while Frankel is open to more gun control.

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  1. The information in this article is incorrect.
    Charleston Malkemus (correct spelling) is 100% actively campaigning, so are the 100+ volunteers and families supporting him. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are all coming together to support Charleston for Congress, because they are completely fed up with the hatred and extreme partisan politics tearing this country apart. You can learn more about him and his campaign here.


  2. To be fair with charleston, yes he has a website, also twitter, and a Facebook page. I exhort the people to Be informed and pick your choice wisely! I think it does not fairly make an article no offering the right information to the people who trust in this type of news.



  3. Yes the Examiner has misinformed the public and should rectify their mistake



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