Who is running for Florida State Senate District 31? Well, Tami Donnally and Lori Berman of course

Florida State District 31 Map

This November 3, 2020, voters in Florida’s District 31 for the Florida State Senate will choose between incumbent Lori Berman or Tami Donnally. The two face off again as they have gone up against each other in the past, most recently during the 2018 special election. While Donnally is showcasing the issues of mental health, addiction, and education, Berman lists no stance on any issues on her website. She does state that she is for gun control, is pro-choice on abortion, and is an advocate for government-run schools.

Donnally and Berman agree that “home rule” should be the case for each municipality and county, getting the federal and state government out of as many issues as possible. Though they may disagree on the scope of home rule, they seem lockstep in strong local control.

Tami Donnally

As schools are “reopening” today, Donnally and Berman are on opposite ends of this issue. Donnally is confident in reopening of in-person school education so long as the school district meets certain parameters, while Berman is opposed to it as being unsafe and students should continue virtual learning.

While Berman is supportive of public charter schools, she is against school choice via the state’s voucher program. Florida Governor DeSantis recently expanded the program, which helps underprivileged students expand their options on education during their formative years. Donnally is supportive of school choice, allowing parents to choose which school their child attends, public or private.

Lori Berman

On the issue of guns, there are stark differences between the two. Berman believes we should require one to ask permission from the government to own a firearm, should not be permitted to conceal carry, and would like to see stricter gun control measures on Florida citizens. Donnally is a firm supporter of the Second Amendment and would like vote against further gun control measures should she represent District 31 in the Florida State Senate.

When it comes to the issue of drugs, both Berman and Donnally are not in favor of a general legalization. While Berman would be will to tax and legalize marijuana, it would come with a host of provisions and she is against legalizing any other drugs which are currently illegal such as cocaine or heroin. Donnally is not in favor of any measure as she finds drugs currently illegal, harmful enough and would not support their legalization.

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