War of Words on gun control between the three presidential candidates

In the wake of the recent police ambush shooting in Los Angeles, Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen and Donald Trump took to Twitter to express their opinions on gun control.

It started with Joe Biden tweeting, “Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

This caused Jo Jorgensen to reply in a tweet stating, “Let me fix that for you: Weapons of war have no place in our police departments. We need to ensure Americans can protect themselves with the same firearms and equipment the police have. #election #Jorgensen2020

And then overnight, Donald Trump tweeted, “For the entire summer, Joe Biden was SILENT as left-wing mobs assaulted police officers. When Biden’s far-left supporters set fire to police cars, precinct stations, and courthouses, Joe Biden called them “PEACEFUL PROTESTORS.” When asked if he would cut police funding, Biden replied “Yes, aboslutely.” Biden calls for abolishing cash bail and closing prisons — and Biden even called law enforcement “the ENEMY.” Biden’s anti-police crusade must STOP. Furthermore, the corporations funding anti-police organizations should instead give their money to the families of crime victims and fallen officers. In the Republican Party, we know that police officers are not villains, but HEROES who risk their lives to KEEP US SAFE 24/7/365!”

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