Florida House District 90 is a battle between Casello and Maldonado

Florida House District 90 Map

Florida House District 90 encompasses much of the area between I-95 to the Florida Turnpike and from Boynton Beach to West Palm Beach. The district has approximately 160,000 residents, and voters in the district will decide whether to send incumbent Joseph Casello back to Tallahassee to go with someone new and vote for Lydia Maldonado.

On her website, Maldonado states that she plans on “tackling the homeless issue, education, and housing. She will serve as a bridge between political parties and the community, striving to bring unity to all human beings.” And much like her opponent’s campaign website, details on the issues are scant.

Joseph Casello

As for Casello, we can go by his track record while in the Florida State House. He is has voted to increase the salaries of public school teachers and out of the 13 bills he introduced one made it into law. The bill’s summary reads, “Prohibiting certain persons who participate in peer support communication with a first responder from testifying or divulging specified information under certain circumstances; specifying that an allegation or complaint of misconduct against a law enforcement officer or a correctional officer may originate from any source; authorizing law enforcement and correctional agencies to request a separate agency to conduct an investigation of a complaint under certain circumstances, etc.”

Lydia Maldonado

Unlike other candidates seeking to be a member of the Florida House next year, it is apparent neither candidate is serious about revealing their stances on the issues to the public through website or social media.

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