Florida House District 91 race is between Emily Slosberg and Sayd Hussain

Florida House District 91 Map

Florida State House District 91 has a population of just under 157,000 Floridians and encompasses a fair amount of Southern Palm Beach County. It is one of the less gerrymandered districts in the state going from Boca Del Mar up to Boynton Beach.

For voters in District 91 they will have a choice between incumbent Emily Slosberg and Sayd Hussain in the general election being held on November 3, 2020. While Hussain is focussing his campaign on senior citizens, Slosberg is focussing on more traffic laws and health care access.

Sayd Hussain

Hussain is a former White House intern and seeks to bridge the divide between Airbnb and Condo/Home Owners Associations to benefit property owners. Hussain has said, “I’m all for the homeowner to use their property as they see fit but I do understand the safety risk it can pose. Therefore, I would partner with Airbnb, Homeowners, and HOA/Condo Associations on a compromise solution. Nobody can have everything they want, which is why compromise is essential for effective governance.”

Emily Slosberg

Slosberg is the District 91 incumbent, and voters in the district elected her in 2016. She wants Florida to enact stronger anti-discrimination laws to protect everyone in our state regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion.

Both candidates are seeking to involve government further into the lives of Palm Beach County citizens and tourists through more regulations. While Slosberg is advocating for stricter traffic laws, Hussain is seeking to introduce legislation on a host of issues, though he is short on specifics. Neither seems to speak about repealing any existing state laws, but adding to the number of statutes Floridians and businesses must live by.

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