Palm Beach County businesses reopen under “Phase 2” guidelines today

Today, September 8, 2020, Palm Beach County businesses, including restaurants, will reopen in a limited capacity under “Phase 2” under the county’s Board of Commissioners’ Emergency Order #24 (EO24). Today will be “Step 1” of “Phase 2” for businesses to reopen, and for example it enables restaurant guests to sit at the bar, so long as social distancing practices are in effect. EO24 affects businesses in both incorporated and unincorporated Palm Beach County (county-wide). The county’s emergency orders are the government’s response to COVID-19 and the emergency orders handed down by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Restaurants and food establishments including clubhouses, banquet halls, and
ballrooms providing seated meal service may operate with the following guidelines:
— Continue indoor service at up to 50% seating capacity;
— Full capacity outdoor seating is permissible with “appropriate” physical
— Bar top meal service permissible with “appropriate” physical distancing;
— Restaurants and food establishments may operate up to 50% of their
existing billiard tables (i.e., one table or half of all tables, whichever is
greater). Restricted tables shall be clearly prohibited from operation (e.g.,
signage or covered);
— Parties shall be limited to no more than 10 people; and
— Parties must be spaced at least 6-feet apart.

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Bowling alleys can now operate with 50 percent of their lanes in operation, with only four players per lane. Similarly, movies theaters can now operate at 50 percent capacity of groups limited to ten people and having six foot distance between parties. It allows performing arts centers to reopen at 33 percent capacity. Skating centers can reopen with a limit of 25 skaters per 16,000 square feet of skating rink area.

The following may operate at full capacity, limiting parties to no more than 10 and
ensuring that parties are spaced at least 6-feet apart:
— In-store retail sales establishments;
— Museums and libraries;
— Personal services establishments, including, but not limited to, tanning,
tattooing, body piercing, licensed acupuncture and massage
establishments, with “appropriate” guidelines as outlined by the Florida
Department of Health;
— Gyms and fitness centers.

For clarifying purposes, below is a list of businesses that are closed under applicable prior orders and which remain closed. These businesses do not represent the universe of closed businesses, but serve as a clarifying list to ensure compliance with applicable emergency orders. The operation of any closed business, including, but not limited to, those listed below, is in violation of law and punishable in accordance therewith, o Auditoriums;
— Bingo Parlors;
— Comedy Clubs;
— Concert Venues;
— Bars;
— Nightclub establishments offering adult entertainment, strip clubs;
— Hookah, cigar, smoking bars and lounges;
— Arcades; and
— Billiard halls licensed as bars.

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