Florida Amendment 4: Require Constitutional Amendments to be Passed Twice

On November 3, 2020, Florida voters will not only be voting on who they would like to see be their next President of the United States, their next Congressperson, or their next State Senator or State House Rep, there are 6 amendments. The amendments would change Florida’s Constitution if we pass them. They need a 60 percent supermajority of votes for a proposed amendment on the ballot to change the state’s Constitution.

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To slow down Florida’s constitutional amendment process, Amendment 4 would require an amendment to not only be passed once, but twice. The second passage would happen in the next general election, usually two years later.

Keep Our Constitution Clean, who put this proposed amendment on the ballot for 2020 voters, states that their goal “is to ensure that voters are given the opportunity to fully understand the immediate and future impacts of any proposed changes to our state constitution. Read the full text of this proposed constitutional amendment – the Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments – and THINK TWICE to help keep our constitution clean.” Jason Zimmerman, a lawyer for Keep Our Constitution Clean said, “By doing pass-it-twice, we think we can reduce the amount of … whimsical constitutional amendments. [In Florida], there have been more than 140 constitutional amendments [since the 1960s]. The United States Constitution, which has been around since the 1700s, has been amended 27 times.”

We could not identify any opposition groups to the amendment and we could not find any other state with similar language in their state constitution. Amendment 4 seems to be a reaction to items showing up on our Florida ballots that many feel should be done legislatively and put in Florida Statutes, rather than showing up in the Florida Constitution.

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