Democrats and Republicans work together to keep Jo Jorgensen off the debate stage in polling fiasco

The Commission on Presidential Debates which comprises Republicans and Democrats, has announced the polls it will use for the 15 percent threshold to be included in the debates. There is only one problem for Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, she is not named in any of the polls they are using even though 11-22 percent of Americans identify as Libertarian.

This is an issue the Jorgensen campaign has been trying to alert the public all summer; however, not enough people have been engaged in the political process to stop the injustice. Jorgensen will appear on the ballot in all 50 states alongside Joe Biden and Donald Trump, yet the general media will not mention her name or include her in polling used for the presidential debates.

Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County Chairman, Karl Dickey, said this morning, “This is a travesty for our constitutional republic. To think there are millions of Americans who will not be represented on the debate stage with Trump and Biden is an affront to the notion of a fair and unbiased political process. This election, like many before it, is rigged to keep Libertarians from the public eye. Regardless if you agree or disagree with Jorgensen, I struggle to believe the public would not want to hear from all three candidates who will be on the ballot in all 50 states and could garner the 270 electoral votes needed to be our next president. Any voter in the upcoming presidential election should be enraged by Jorgensen’s exclusion, regardless of their party affiliation. Many have been clamoring about wanting a woman president; well, she’s here, or was all that just political theater?”

Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party presidential nominee

Jorgensen has stated, “Once you see me on the stage and decide you don’t want to vote for me then don’t vote for me; but let’s get me on the stage.” On Twitter, Jorgensen tweeted, “It’s rather difficult to believe an article from @NBCNews & @MeetThePress about 3rd party candidates in polls when they only include 2 party candidates in their polls. They’re working very hard to exclude me from the @debates. #LetHerSpeak #DebateMeToo

While 11-22 percent of Americans may not be members of the Libertarian Party, they hold the values and opinions of being Libertarian. It was Libertarians who were advocating for cannabis to be legal and now Congress will vote on the issue this month as it has become self-evident that it should be legal.

Libertarians were the first to advocate for same-sex marriage, even having an openly gay man as their first presidential candidate. While Democrats and Republicans were denouncing the idea in favor of “traditional” marriage, Libertarians were supportive and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with them, getting rid of the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by a Democratic president. While Libertarians do not feel Americans should go before the government asking permission to marry the one they love, they also feel, so long as Americans are, it should not be discriminatory.

Libertarians, like most Americans, have been longtime advocates of demilitarizing the police, while Democrats like Joe Biden and Republicans like Donald Trump have a long history of being in favor. This issue has come up in the news recently because of the excessive force and police abuse going across the country, which is has long been opposed by Libertarians, yet it was Joe Biden who helped put these policies in place, with the support of Republicans.

There is a long list of issues Americans now see Libertarians have been correct, and unlike Democrats and Republicans waiting to see polling numbers to decide what they are for or against, Libertarians hold steady in their principles.

So, the only conclusion one can make regarding excluding Libertarian Jo Jorgensen from the presidential debate stage is that Democrats and Republicans do not want the competition, nor do they want the American public to see how the Libertarian Party presidential nominee holds similar opinions to their own.

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