Dave Kerner faces Jon Maples in District 3 Palm Beach County Commission race

This November 3, 2020, voters living in District 3 for the Palm Beach County Commission will have to decide whether to keep Dave Kerner as their county commissioner or go with someone new. Jonathan Maples is challenging Kerner in the county District 3 race and is a formidable opponent. There is also one qualified write-in candidate, Maria Garcia (her name will not appear on the ballot).

Map of District 3 for Palm Beach County Commission

Maples says, “I’m running to extend my proven record in advocating for children and families into local government. I believe we can strengthen Palm Beach County’s future through leadership and idea innovation.” Priorities for Maples include increasing vital mental health resources, building community leadership, and ensuring affordable work force housing.

Jon Maples with wife Kristi and their daughter

Kerner is the incumbent, and we could not find an official campaign website, his former site seems inactive. His previous campaign Facebook page has been unpublished. On the county’s Supervisor of Elections website, Kerner lists his law firm email address and phone number as the contact information for his campaign. So we have little to compare outside of Kerner’s voting record.

Dave Kerner

In reviewing the contributions to Maples and Kerner, there are stark differences. The bulk of Maples’ contributions are coming from individuals, while Kerner’s contributions are coming mostly from real estate developers and PACs. Write-in candidate, Garcia has received no contributions according to the county SOE reports.

Dave Kerner seems more authoritarian, while Jon Maples seems more interested in protecting the citizen’s individual rights. Kerner is supportive of government forcing business owners to pay employees a certain income, while Maples is supportive of that decision being between the employer and the employee. Kerner has proven that he is willing to arbitrarily force some businesses to close while keeping others open, even though there was no scientific rationale for such Draconian measures. His decisions have caused businesses in Palm Beach County to close and/or file bankruptcy. Maples has the opposite opinion, in that the county residents and tourists should decide winners and losers during what we have been experiencing the last six months, not government.

We hope to have more in-depth information on both candidates next month before the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections send absentee ballots out to voters. The general election will occur on November 3, 2020, and the deadline to register to vote in the election is on October 5, 2020.

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